2016                 Imagine Realities, PhotoPlace Gallery, Exhibition Catalogue
2015                 The Atlantic, Photographing Life on Mars in Utah, December 18, by Aarian Marshall
                         Medium, Exploring Mars in Utah’s High Desert, October 22, by Emily von Hoffman   
                         Reclamation: Emerging Female Artists, Nave Gallery, Exhibition Catalogue   
                         Conveyor Magazine, Time Travel Edition, Conveyor Arts, edited by Christina Labey   
                         Magenta Foundation, Flash Forward 2015 Catalogue       
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                         30 Under 30, Vermont Center for Photography, Exhibition Catalogue

2014                 Boston Globe, The Week Ahead: Performing and Visual Arts, June 4, by Cate McQuaid    
                         Bedford Bulletin, Alien Abduction Re-Imagined, June 4, by Julie Hanson       
                         The New Hampshire Union Leader, Alien Abduction Re-Imagined, June 8, by Julie Hanson
                         DigBoston, The Truth is Out There: Cassandra Klos Recounts ‘Hill Abduction’ in New  
                                Photography Exhibition, June 3, by Spencer Shannon


2016                 Don't Smile Magazine, Cassandra Klos - Mars on Earth, by Melissa Kreider
2015                 Humble Arts Foundation, Space Jamz, juried by Jon Feinstein
                         Lenscratch, Instagram Takeover   
                         Magenta Foundation, Instagram Takeover   
                         You Can See, Cassandra Klos, by Jessica Macdonald   
                         Lenscratch, Content-Aware: Cassandra Klos, by Grant Gill   
                         Don’t Take Pictures, At Home, juried by Kat Kiernan   
                         Aint-Bad Magazine, Cassandra Klos, by Kory Jean Kingsley

2014                 Onward Forward, Cassandra Klos: The Abductees Project, by Acacia Johnson      
                         Lenscratch, Greer Muldowney shares Undergraduate Photography Now! (Part 2), by Aline 
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