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Bloomberg Businessweek


National Geographic, New Mars lander safely touches down. What happens now? November 26, 2018, by Nadia Drake

National Geographic, Landing on Mars is harder than you think. Here's how NASA prepares, November 21, by Nadia Drake

National Geographic, Why NASA thinks this crater is the best spot to search for life on Mars, November 19, by Nadia Drake

MIT Technology Review, Not Your Standard Model Physicist, November/December, written by Jennifer Chu, photographs by Cassandra Klos (print & online)

Incessants Mag

Quanta Magazine, Computer Scientist Constantinos Daskalakis Wins Nevanlinna Prize, August 1, written by Erica Klarreich, photographs and video by Cassandra Klos (online)


Wired Magazine, Spending 45 Days Inside a Fake Spaceship in the Name of Science, November 7, by Laura Mallonee

Ladies Get Paid


TIME Magazine, Seeing Red: My Day on Mars, September 26, by Jeffrey Kluger (cover above)
TIME Online, Spend 24 Hours on Mars - Live, September 1, by Jeffrey Kluger
TIME Online, See the Martian Lava Fields of Hawaii, August 30, by Jeffrey Kluger
TIME Online, Six Astronauts Spend a Year on Mars, August 29, by Jeffrey Kluger

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